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As kitty gift books go, this is “the best, funniest, most inspiring of them all,” according to the Village Voice and tens of thousands of dedicated readers. Now out on the prowl with a new cover that’s the cat’s meow, it’s ready to inspire a second wave of cats and their owners to relax into a catnap. Author and illustrator Alice M. Brock (of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” fame) counsels cat owners to approach the cat quietly with palms “up and open.” Beginning at the rear, the masseur works all the way around the cat using a “vigorous kneading motion” then rubs, presses, twists, and tugs the cat into a state of complete relaxation. We are assured that a well-massaged cat may remain in a state of prolonged calm “for some time.”

Brock’s instructions are accompanied by charming illustrations sure to inspire a mischievous chuckle in both friends and foes of felines everywhere. The Village Voice

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How to Massage Your Cat Print

Alice Brock, Provincetown Artist

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